Become an Affiliate

It is as simple as peeling a banana before your workout. To become an Affiliate to Never Be Average you will need to have some credentials. Here are the credentials:

1. You need a minimum of 2000 followers in instagram and 20 000 followers on TikTok.

2. You will need to communicate some kind of fitness agenda, for example, showing your followers how to get healthy or showing what to do in the gym. If you are a model of any sort is fine as well.

3. Motivation. To become an Affiliate for Never Be Average you need to be motivating your audience, this is vital because our whole company is created around the concept of motivation. Our goal is to get people motivated to become healthy and be a better version of themselves.


To become an Affiliate, send us a DM on Instagram.

To become an Affiliate for Never Be Average is not just becoming a member of our team. It also means that you become a part of the change we want to create. Now, what exactly is it that we want to change?

We want to start motivating people to re-create themselves through exercise, mentally and physically. We want to help people create a better version of themselves by getting them the right help. It is very hard to get the right help, especially with the pressure people usually feel from other people that seem superior to them. Not to go into detail, but pressure from parents, bosses, society, and others are a big factor of why people can´t re-create themselves and get stuck in a loop, a hamster wheel if you may.

With your help, we can help people around the world and create a more healthy population.

The Affiliate program is created with a point system. When applying you will be handed 100 points for becoming an affiliate. When the application is accepted and you are ready to start working, you will be handed a special code that gives a 10-15% discount on all our products(not those on sale). As people start using your code you will gain points and with these points, you will be able to get free clothes from our collection.

Occasionally some other items may be collectable, depending on the partnership with other companies. 

If you have a larger amount of followers you will be able to earn some money, however, the amount of followers are the main factor of how much you can earn.